28 May
 Locklane Community Centre, Back William St, WF10 2LW
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 Loving Spirits
loving spirits CASTLEFORD invites you to come along and join us for another great night out in the company of top Psychic Medium, Shirley Margaret Wilks . There will be a demonstration of Mediumship given by the lovely Shirley , followed by an Open Circle taken by Dean James Fox or Chantelle Lockhart. In the Open Circle, We invite developing mediums, working mediums or anyone who feels they have a message to give, with the support from Dean or Chantelle we also need people to receive messages from the spirit world too, so this part of the evening is open to everyone so please join us and take in the peace and wonderful energies of our Centre at Locklane Community Centre, Back William St, WF10 2LW £5.00 entry on the door for the main service and the just £2.00 for the Open Circle. Doors open at 6.45pm starts at 7.15pm http://www.lovingspirits.co.uk/loving-spirits---castleford.html ALL WELCOME

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