Essential Oils 101

 28 May
  - - -
 Amy Driscoll
Have you heard of essential oils but don't know what they are and why they get so much hype? Are you interested in oils but feel overwhelmed to research them? Do you already have essential oils and want to learn more about how to use them? Come to an Essential Oils 101 informative class. I will discuss what essential oils are and their history, how they can be used, ways to incorporate them into your everyday life, how to substitute essential oils for common household products as a healthy alternative, and more! We will discuss individual oils, common symptoms and remedies, and recipes using essential oils. Also, we will make bath salts and hand lotion that you can take home with you! FREE informational class! NO obligations! I will use Young Living products and discuss how Young Living can be a healthy alternative for you. Door prizes and Raffles! Snacks and Drinks! Bring a friend! A fun night to learn how essential oils are a healthy alternative for you and your family.

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 15 December, Thursday