22 May
 The Fleece Bristol
 12 St Thomas St - BS1 6JJ - Bristol - United Kingdom
 Dictionary Pudding
Dictionary Pudding have landed some legends.... ESG ESG began life when the mother of the Scroggins sisters, afraid of the life of crime and drugs that awaited them on the streets of 70s Bronx, NY, presented her daughters with some basic instruments and encouraged them to make music together. What followed was, quite simply, a musical revolution. The Scroggins sisters’ unique sound immediately spread right across Europe, with Tony Wilson’s FACTORY records releasing their debut album in 1983. ESG played the opening night of the Hacienda nightclub, and their live shows have never been anything short of absolutely phenomenal. However, due to legal and other problems with the group, the band failed to capitalise on their promising beginnings and for the most part, disappeared from view. Having fought decades of legal battles with most of the music industry over the endless theft of their music from the then-unregulated sampling trade, ESG have finally returned to the live scene in the last couple of years. These exclusive shows mark what could be this incredible act’s final European visit. This is a final opportunity to catch one of the most important female/DIY acts of all time in their native environment, the live stage. PLUS SUPPORT FROM... GOLDEN TEACHER! SHOPPING! BRISTOL FLEECE // FRI 22ND MAY 2015 // 730PM 20£ ADV FROM SONGKICK/SEETICKETS/VENUE

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