Eric Lyden Day 2015

 20 May
 Where Ever You Happen to Be.
  - - -
 Eric Lyden
I'm just cutting and pasting this description from last year because I'm too lazy to rewrite one- May 20th is my birthday, but you know what? That's not enough. I want May 20th to be known as Eric Lyden Day and I want everyone in the world to treat it as though it is their birthday. I want you to take the day off from work and have fun. Go to a museum, throw a party, go to a movie, just dick around... whatever. You do whatever it is that makes you you. You celebrate you and in the process you are actually celebrating me and everything I stand for. I'm giving you plenty of notice so that you have time to request the day off from work and make plans. My fondest wish in the world is for this to become a thing that is acknowledged by people other than myself. Let's make this a thing, people! Make this a thing! It's Wednesday this year which isn't perfect, but look at it this way- you work for two days, day off, then work two more days. Or maybe you take either the first or last two days of the week along with Wednesday for a 5 day weekend. Whatever. It's cool with me either way. And feel free to invite your friends because it might confuse them and that makes me laugh.

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