EPA meeting about Injection Well

 20 May
 Summerfield High School
  - 49270 - Petersburg - United States
 People against injection well Summerfield Twp MI
This is a meeting with the EPA about a proposed injection well to be put in on Ida Center Rd. An injection well is where the oil company's can dump there waist including chemicals into a well that could make there way to our water supply and contaminate our drinking water. There is strength in numbers and we need everyone to invite your family and friends and fill the gym to show the EPA we DO NOT want an injection well in our township. You will be able to ask the EPA questions from 6 pm to 7.30 pm the hearing will begin at 7.30. This is not just a Summerfield problem it is a Monroe county / Lenawe county problem. Please invite people on your FB page. We need to fill the gym!!! United we stand Divided we fall. Will you come and stand with us?

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