Enthral switch to Sunday with Dayv, Unai Trotti, Rejam, Piers Haussmann, Thierry, Alex Chapmann

 24 May
 Cafe 1001
 91 Brick lane - E1 6QL - London - United Kingdom
ENTHRAL brought an array of talented friends and guests over the last few months. We have been attentively listening to everyone involved so far and are pleased to say that London has some serious and beautiful music to offer. We only scratched the surface and are very much looking forward to carry on showcasing the Deep Forward Thinking Sexy Rolling House & Techno we believe in as well as giving enough room space for urban underground eclecticism. We just had a gap month in which we decided that it was the right time to move ENTHRAL to Sunday partying at Cafe 1001. Brick Lane will be buzzing with the summer showing up so we hope to grab a few keen ears for an early boogie. Saturday have been emotional but we have a few plans for the future that will require to keep our late nights available to proceed. More infos on this soon. But lets crack on with our monthly Sunday day time events. This May we will solely be focusing on the industrial looking back room but we have been told that the DJs booked in the front bar by the cafe will be playing some nice Reggae Dub in the afternoon leading to Chilled Electronica later in the evening. Perfect for the outdoor bit. On our end we are pleased to bring a few of our past guests, respected friends which we trust to spin amazing tunes each time. Keep your ears open for Rejam Soundsystem and Piers Haussmann. First time around added to the line up we are very much looking forward to welcome Dayv and Unai Trotti. We have seen them playing Back2Back a few times and can say that these two bounce brilliantly at each others. No doubt that some of you have felt the vibe somewhere in London over the last few years. Last on the list are our two residents Thierry and Alex Chapman which will get the party going, although Thierry will this time go for a cheeky Back2Back with Piers. Enjoy the journey. Music speak for itself. **************************** DAYV (Down Under / Cymatic / Cartulis Day) https://soundcloud.com/ken_davy UNAI TROTTI (Cartulis Day) https://soundcloud.com/unai-trotti REJAM SOUNDSYSTEM (Rejam) https://soundcloud.com/rejam https://www.facebook.com/rejamsoundsystem PIERS HAUSSMAN (Airing Cupboard) https://soundcloud.com/piershaussmann THIERRY (Enthral / Celestial) https://soundcloud.com/thierryuk ALEX CHAPMAN (Enthral)

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