EnSpark Art & Design Talk

 28 May
 Kdu College, Penang
 32, Jalan Anson - 10400 - Penang - Malaysia
 Preet Preet
Feeling the pressures of artblock? Rekindle your creativity with an arts & design talk featuring graphic designers, fine art artists, animators and many more. This one-day design talk covers the experiences of our local artists, creative thinking skills and the influences of Arts, Graphic Design and Animation to the world today. The event encompasses a one to one interaction between the speakers and public by having a few activities in during the talk. Audiences will be able to understand arts and design and the basic rules of design and how to creatively break the rules. So come on over and communicate with other creatives for socializing and gather new ideas. We are open to everyone, so welcome aboard and ignite your passion!

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