English Camp at SEEU Skopje

 25 May
 SEEU Skopje Campus
 Arhiepiskop Angelarij 1 - 1000 - Skopje - Macedonia
 SEEU Skopje Campus
"OUT OF THE MOVIES - INTO REAL LIVES" English Camp at SEEU Skopje 25-29 May 2015 Every day from 17:00-19:00 NO FEE REQUIRED!!! This is the second English Camp at SEEU (the first one was last year). This year there will be a group of 7 internationals coming from Germany (5 Americans, 2 Brazilians). Based on the skill set of the group coming (film production, script writing, IT, and fine arts/ballet), the week will be spent helping you tell your stories through film-making. This will be a great opportunity for SEEU students to improve their English through communicating with native English speakers and participate in producing a movie, in other words, using/ practicing English for a purpose. Goals for the week: • Have a deeper understanding of your strengths and how those can be used within a group to produce something of quality; • Learn from each other, increasing your cross-cultural skills and understanding (worldview) • Feel comfortable enough to share your story • Further develop communication skills (in particular English skills) • Gain practical film-making skills Basically students will spend some time each day in the classroom and some outside the classroom actually working as a group to make a movie (especially Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). The in-class time will be for such things as: getting to know each other, learning each other's strengths (and how those can help the project/team), sparking some ideas for themes, learning some tips for film production, script writing/planning, etc followed by time working on the actual project together. Then Friday would be the premier and final celebration. To register you should send an email to: Contact person: Rashit Emini r.emini@seeu.edu.mk Thanks for being part of our Joint Venture called English Camp at SEEU Skopje!

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