English as an Official Language in Greater Montreal - EVENT POSTPONED

 18 May
 Rue McGill College
  - - -
 Johnson Kian
EVENT POSTPONED TO ANOTHER DAY Rally/Gathering of those who support a Language Policy of Establishing English as an Official Language in Greater Montreal. This is not a Protest, Demonstration, or March. Placards or large signs are NOT welcome. Those who see this event as an opportunity to show displeasure, because they think that this policy will threaten the continued path of the Provincial Government's lead in marching towards making all things in Quebec/Montreal to be all French - these people are not encouraged to come. We wish to avoid any confrontation with pro-Quebec-French extremists. Also, pro-English extremists, are NOT welcome. We have agendas that are for the protection and reintegration of what is left of English in Greater Montreal. We are not against the Quebec French. We want to coexist in harmony. This is a peaceful rally/gathering but not entirely without passion. Our goal is to show who sees this issue to be important enough, to be counted in the amongst the group of people gathering in support of this policy. The main goal is to give English, Official Language Status in order to protect, and allow a regrowth of our Greater Montreal culture, heritage, history, institutions, businesses, etc.

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