Encircling Sea & Funeral Moon (Adel) with Hordes Of The Black Cross//Thrall//Grimalkin (Adel)

 23 May
 Bendigo Hotel
 125 Johnston Street - 3066 - Collingwood - Australia
FALSExIDOL Records presents… Encircling Sea & Funeral Moon Tour May 2015 Dedicating years to refine their musical craft of ambient black metal, richly grounded in the ecology of Australia’s unique landscapes, Encircling Sea return to perform new and old material in a short reprieve from life on the land and in the concrete wastelands. http://encirclingsea.bandcamp.com Joining them on this tour in the dead of 2015 are Adelaide’s Funeral Moon (featuring half of Space Bong). In their third year of existence and with a new album, Sans Succubus, out through FALSExIDOL Records, Funeral Moon are pleased to finally hit the asphalt along the east coast. Playing black metal with deep connections to crust, punk and the ‘Other', Funeral Moon are stripped down to the bones, exposed and ready to blow. For legions of Darkthrone, Impaled Nazarene and Wolves in The Throne Room. http://funeralmoon.bandcamp.com Joining Encircling Sea & Funeral Moon on their Melbourne leg are the finest of Australia's young, dark artists, pushing boundaries of hate, pessimism and organic savagery. Hordes of the Black Cross... Have claimed firm ground in a beastly genre renowned for it's inability to shift between aesthetics and genres. Hordes...feel equally as comfortable in warehouses, squats and gutters as they do on conventional stages. Their blackened thrash is equally as barbaric no matter what the exterior setting. This will be their first show in many eons. We're all honoured to share this time and space with them. https://soundcloud.com/hordesoftheblackcross THRALL... Conduct the finest, elaborate song writing currently expressed via the underground. Single pieces meld into the overall whole. Getting lost in their darkness is easy and a pleasure. Again, it's been a long time between aural displays for Thrall. This will be a night a revelations and rediscovery. http://thrall.bandcamp.com Grimalkin... Joining Funeral Moon on the long road from the City Of Churches, Grimalkin are positively dripping with hate and negativism. Treading a fine line in (post) black metal and complete disdain for everything that's gone before, aesthetically and musically, Grimalkin genuinely don't give a fuck and will play what is real, beyond and within. https://grimalkin.bandcamp.com/ Thanks to Encircling Sea, Dase Beard (for all the poster art), Robert Allen (for his thoughtful advice) and Voidhanger Ruhon (for putting us onto the best brutal bands in Melbourne).

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