Empty the Tanks London 2015

 06 June
 Opposite the Moon on the Water, Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LE
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 Earthrace Conservation UK
This is the event page for the London Empty the Tanks event taking place on Saturday 6 June 2015. It is the day for everyone around the world to stand up against marine mammal captivity. There is also now an event in Manchester on the same day so if you're closer to there, please change your status on the London page to 'maybe' so you can keep up with general news and then add yourself to the Manchester one. https://www.facebook.com/events/1556268304637281/ For those who haven't attended before and as a reminder to the amazing gang that came last year, this is what you'll be playing a part in (but bigger and better this year!)https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.777481495625640.1073741831.559282824112176&type=1. Please only hit 'join' if you think you can actually come so we have a good idea of numbers on the day; to support the event and be kept up to date, click 'maybe'. The event will be one of hundreds around the world happening on the same day, sending a clear message to the people and companies that profit from the captive whale and dolphin trade. The only way to close their doors for good and to stop the increasing trade in wild caught cetaceans for the marine park market is to get the general public to stop buying tickets. We need your voice and your dedication to see an end to the captivity industry. We will have a number of flyers, posters, stickers and other props for people to use on the day but do get creative and make your own. Feel free to share them on here. The UK has not had any captive whales or dolphins since 1993 (although it would not be illegal to open a facility here). http://www.marineanimalwelfare.com/Dolphinaria/UK%20Dolphinaria.htm So instead of protesting outside a marine park or dolphinarium as others will be doing, we plan (as we did successfully last year) to hit high traffic areas in central London, talking to local people and tourists alike, encouraging them to pledge never to buy a ticket to a whale or dolphin show, or to pay to swim with captive cetaceans. We’ll keep this page updated with news and what we hope will be interesting links to more information and resources, but please do add your own and keeping sharing this page with everyone you can think of. Everyone is welcome. For further information or to discuss the London event, pm us on this page or contact: dgreen1991@hotmail.co.uk and/or bev@earthraceconservation.org Empty the Tanks Worldwide Contact: rachel@emptythetanks.org World-wide event page with listing of all events to date: https://www.facebook.com/events/505122572949608/?fref=ts Empty the Tanks website: www.emptythetanks.org The only reason for whales or dolphins to be in captivity is for rescue, rehabilitation and release. Approximate total number of cetaceans in captivity (data from www.ceta-base.com) 51 orcas (including 7 recently captured in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia) 224 belugas (including 18 held in Russia awaiting an appeal decision on import permit into US brought by Georgia Aquarium consortium) 2,164 dolphins (including 32 captured from Taiji from 1 September 2014) Available records show that approximately 5,500 cetaceans have died in captivity, including many newborns and others that have died during transport to and from marine parks. http://www.earthraceconservation.org/death-sticks What you can do - Please join us on Saturday 6 June 2015 – the more people we have, the louder and stronger our message will be. - Never pay to go to an aquarium, marine park or any other facility that holds captive cetaceans or other marine mammals. DON'T BUY A TICKET. - Watch Blackfish, 'The Cove' and 'Keiko - the untold story'; read David Kirby's 'Death at SeaWorld'. - If you know of people who plan to visit a marine park and cannot be dissuaded, ask them to take a camera and get good head and fin shot of each cetacean they see. They should note the species, the number of animals, the date and location. This is best way to provide an actual identification of the animals, especially since names are often changed and animals moved and traded between marine parks. They should then send the information to Ceta-base, email: phinventory@gmail.com. For more insight into captive cetaceans or UK specific cetacean information, visit these pages: British Divers Marine Life Rescue http://www.bdmlr.org.uk/ Marine Connection http://www.marineconnection.org Earthrace Conservation http://www.earthraceconservation.org/captivity http://www.earthraceconservation.org/black-days-white-whales-1 July 2014 London Empty the Tanks protest: - video by Karl Elliot http://youtu.be/B9VDD_n_X4M - Last year's event page with photos and reports from the day https://www.facebook.com/events/1422069764689028/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar Whale and Dolphin Conservation UK http://uk.whales.org/issues/captivity and http://uk.whales.org/campaigns/leave-beluga-whales-in-wild Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit http://www.crru.org.uk Orcaweb http://www.orcaweb.org.uk

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