Empowerment 2 Excellence NOW! 8 Week Course

 29 May
 East Bay Church of Religious Science
 Office: 4130 Telegraph Ave - 94609 - Oakland - United States
 Charles Patton
REGISTER AT: WWW.ITSMYDESTINY.COM/E2E **Space is limited.** *Course is on a love-offering basis. $40 for workbook and 8 DVDs.* There are 25 staff members and 11 presenters, including Danny Glover, Reverend Elouise Oliver, Gabriel Ramos, Robert Wallace, Elaine Williams, Aaron Ableman, Celeste Branson, and more. They will be creating a safe, supportive, understanding and challenging place for people to reach their intentions and goals. What is that one thing that you want, and know you can have it, but just need some support around? It might be health, cleaning out your storage, forgiving someone (maybe yourself), having a stronger spiritual practice, releasing those extra pounds, generating more income, releasing an addiction (smoking, drinking, procrastination, etc.) Participants will define the one goal that they want to achieve, and that will become their class project for the 8 weeks. They will be put into support/accountability groups with 5 other people who are working on the same type of thing for the 8 weeks. All of the participants will be asked to commit to work with, purchase from, and tell others about each others’ products or services (creating true community). --> REGISTER AT: WWW.ITSMYDESTINY.COM/E2E In the class people will not be talking, analyzing, theorizing, planning, reading or praying about their lives. They will be DOING processes for 80% of the class and WITHIN the doing they will analyze, plan, pray, etc. 80% of the class is the participants doing processes creating change in their lives. Participants will be working on many different areas of their lives such as overcoming negative self talk, budgeting, forgiveness, health, relationship, accountability, spiritual practice, writing business plans, changing limiting childhood beliefs, etc. The class is on a love-offering basis. The course manual and 8 DVDs are $40. Look at the site www.itsmydestiny.com/e2e and see if it feels right for you. -->REGISTER AT: WWW.ITSMYDESTINY.COM/E2E

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