05 June
 Parma, Italy
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 Mauri DueÑosdelaclave
EMILIA SALSA CELEBRATION 2015 Il Congresso che unisce la salsa, il fashion e il cibo! http://www.esc-italy.com/ Emilia Salsa Celebration is presenting to you the BEST of the BEST Artists! All Styles of Salsa: Cuban, On 1, On 2, Bachata and of course Kizomba! All the artists are exceptionally great teachers, amazing performers and very nice people! You will have an opportunity to share your food, fashion and fun experiences with the artists during this weekend, you will have an opportunity to learn at their classes, and of course you will be able to dance with them during the parties! LISTINO PREZZI A "STEP"! Conviene l'acquisto anticipato!

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 15 December, Thursday