EMBRACE Workshops | Ester Duarte & Chiche Núñez in Urquiza - 24th & 25th of May @ TangoCommunityFestival

 24 May
 Salón Urquiza ǀ Tango Argentino
 Schönhauser Allee 176 - 10119 - Berlin - Germany
 Chiche Nunez
Workshops with Ester Duarte & Chiche Núñez in Urquiza - 24th & 25th of May @ EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival We are happy to announce Ester Duarte and Chiche Nunez giving workshops together in Berlin! W1- Sunday 24.05.15, 2-3:30 PM Milonga Lisa! Sailing on the seas of rhythm. The Milonga Lisa is a typical way of dancing Milonga in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Different than in the center, the Milonga Lisa allows the dancer to move more dynamically on the dance floor. We will work on the Ochos, Corridas and Contratiempos. W2- Sunday 24.05.15, 3:30-5 PM Ganchos in movement. Wild elegance. For women and men, the Ganchos are one of the most challenging elements of the Argentinian tango. They are used to interpret a strong moment in the music or the variation. We will present the concept, technique, structure and examples. W3- Monday 25.05.15, 2:00-3:30 PM Tango Salon at its Best! From Urquiza to the world. Tango Salon pure is maybe the most challenging way of social dance. It's the most elegant style of Argentine tango and also a really minimal expression of it. Tango Salon was born in the 20' and that's why it doesn't have the turning system. In this workshop we will learn ornaments for women and men, Cambios de Frente, Amagues and Puchos. W4- Monday 25.05.15, 3:30-5 PM Variations Tools. Flying with the music! The variation is the strongest and fastest part of tango. We will learn to combine the turning system with different elements that make it possible to dance a variation in strong contrast to the walked part of tangos. We will learn to use Lapices, Enrrosques, Planeos, among other elements in the turning system, to create some sequences we could adapt to any variation. Preis pro person: 1 Workshop: € 25.- 4 Workshops: € 90.- Location Urquiza | Tango Argentino Via Schankhalle Pfefferberg, Schönhauser Allee 176, 1019 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Public transport: U2|N2 Senefelderplatz Ester & Chiche have been dancing together since 2001. With their point of departure in Berlin they work as dancers and teachers all over Europe, giving workshops, classes and performing. Here they pursue their project Salón Urquiza which challenges them to contact other cultures, different environments and art-forms and thus carries them beyond the world of tango until 2010. Currently their main focus is the advancement of Tango Argentino in the style of Urquiza and their aim is to forward the continuity of this particular style. The challenge consists of encouraging the avant-garde of the style with the notion that its origin lies in the history. Among their most important performances are: - Berlin Philharmonics (since 2007 until now) - Operita "María de Buenos Aires" (Norway Tour, 2007) - "Tango for Engler" (Kristiansand and Oslo Symphonic Orchestra,2009) - "Cafetín del Sur" (Ufa Fabrik, Berlin, 2010) - Tango Performance with the Trier Philharmonic Orchestra (May 2014), among their performances in the most important tango clubs in Buenos Aires, i.e. Sunderland, Canning, Sin Rumbo. U2|N2 Senefelderplatz Salón Urquiza ǀ Tango Argentino www.urquiza.com

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