EMBRACE Seminarios: "MUSICALITY in Tango+Milonga+Vals" mit Rocío Lequio y Bruno Tombari @ Nou Mitte / EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival

 23 May
 Nou Mitte
 Chausseestrasse 102 - 10115 - Berlin - Germany
 Thomas Rieser
Rocío & Bruno are a couple with a pure likable, lively and fresh energy. Their work is focused on musicality and technique. In their classes they like to use games and fun to deepen and enjoy the process of learning. If you have not yet worked with Bruno Tombari y Rocio Lequio make sure not to miss out on them, they are pure fun and amazing teachers! ----PROGRAM---- FRIDAY SHOWTIME @ Nou Mitte at around midnight!! https://www.facebook.com/events/597224503711528 SATURDAY, May 23, 16h-19h SEMINARIO A Theme: "Tango Music & Structure & Steps" SUNDAY, May 24, 16h-19h SEMINARIO B Theme: "Milonga + Vals Music & Structure & Steps" TERMS & CONDITIONS: Registration with a partner is mandatory. Each Seminar is limited to 16 couples. 1 Seminar costs 44€ 2 Seminars cost 79€ CONTACT & REGISTRATION: Thomas Rieser thomas(AT)noutangoberlin.de +49.(0)179.9492761 www.noutangoberlin.de/gastlehrer/rocio-bruno

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