EMBODIED SKY & CLOUDS GAZING. Nature Embodied Lab [2]

 06 June
 Flugfeld Berlin Tempelhof - Tempelhofer Park
 Tempelhofer Damm, Columbia Damm, Hermannstraße - - Berlin - Germany
 Paula Holska
60 minutes: "just" watching the clouds & sky. *) 60 minutes: moving, improvising, dancing, deepening, embodying the sky.... and meeting the sky of others peoples eyes ;) Lie down on a grass and look into the sky. Watch the clouds. How often we did it when we were kids. Playing with imagination. Seeing shapes. Seeing creatures, animals, people, stories, memories... or just pleasant colours... "Look! There is a dragon!", "I see a man jumping from a rock into the sea...", "An eye of an eagle.... dissolving into a cat stretching its spine..." . And that depth. Perspective. Details. Did you perceive, that the longer we look, the deeper become the shades and brights, the more details we see? And the breath changes. The body tunes. The eyes see more. The body is not the same... Lets dive into such an experience. Lets meet in the Hasenheide Park (I will post a map with meeting point), lets gaze & dance. To inaugurate spring time and first Nature Embodied Lab in Berlin :) It is open for anyone, who feel connection with the theme and action. Nice if contact improvisers come;) I you feel like, you can support the Project with a free donation, however its is absolutely free to freely join and be present with us. See you! Paula Holska *) > 6o minutes. It is looong! Eyes all that time in connection with the sky... :) We can stay in any position we feel, and we can smootly spin a web of words - a story? a plain words? or silence. Anything and only - what comes through the silence of eyes!!

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