06 June
 Modern Art
 529 W Chestnut St, Lancaster, PA - - Lancaster - United States
 The Triangle
Doors: 7pm Reading: 8pm Entry: $5 donation BYOB email thetrianglepa (at) gmail (dot) com to sign up! The Triangle and It's Modern Art have teamed up to host an event centered around the embarrassing creative histories we all have. Join us and share embarrassing past creative attempts: That love poem you wrote your first boyfriend? Those goth song lyrics you wrote about hating your parents? The painting you made of a sunset in middle school? The journal entries that expose your true love of the Backstreet Boys or Tupac or your cousin? Think of any creative endeavor you're embarassed to have ever made: bring it, share it, laugh with us about it. In order to sign up to read something (you'll have 3-5 minutes) please email us at thetrianglepa@gmail.com with your name and a brief description of what you plan to share.

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