Ely & District Cycling Club Saturday Ride

 16 May
 Witchford Village College
 Manor Road - CB6 2JA - -
 Derek Ricketts
The next Saturday Ride will be on 16/5/2015, all are welcome members and non members. EDCC Saturday Group Rides There will now be two group rides leaving from Witchford on Saturday morning. In addition to the original ride we started back in January we will now have an easier paced ride. Both rides will include a café stop and the routes will be posted on Friday’s. Details of both rides below. Moderate Pace Ride: The distance will usually be around 40- 45 miles and we will try to plan route so that there is points at which people can cut it short if they wish because of time constraints or how you’re feeling. The pace will be set to the slowest rider, but we would like to aim at an average speed of at least 16 mph or speed of slowest rider over full duration of the ride. Most weeks the ride will be led by myself, if I cant make it then another senior club member will be leading it. Easier Paced Ride: The distance will be in the region of 30-40 miles with an average speed between 14-16mph or pace of slowest rider. Please don’t be worried about holding people up or slowing them down, both these rides are social and for enjoyment with the aim being to encourage riders. But I would add that although we will go to the pace of slowest rider and we don't leave anyone behind, you will need to be able to ride at a mininum average speed of around 14mph and have the desire to improve your riding fitness. Most weeks the ride will be led by Alison Holmes and Dale Dawson who will take it alternate weeks. Both rides will be a good opportunity for those new to, or just getting back into cycling, those that are new to riding in a group, those coming back from injuries or experienced riders who fancy a leg turner. New riders will be given a brief introduction to things such as hand signals that are used e.g. pointing out pot holes. Most of all this is about enjoying riding with other people, and improving your fitness and bike skills. A few guidelines for new riders: When on the ride, if any one is finding the pace a little much, get a message to the riders on the front; we will ease the pace off. Please don’t be embarrassed to do this; we’ve all been there, some of us a lot of times. Please make sure your bike is in good working order, full mudguards would be preferable for winter riding as a courtesy to your fellow riders. Cycling helmets are also preferable but please note compulsory for those under 16 years of age Please make sure you have enough fluids and snacks you can easily carry and consume whilst riding. Please carry a spare inner tube and necessary tools for dealing with a puncture. But above all enjoy the ride. Looking forward to seeing some new and old faces. Could I ask everyone to read the "EDCC Club Run Do's & Don’ts", this can be found under the files tab at top of page. Easy pace ride will be leaving from Witchford Village College at 9.00, the quicker group leaving 10 minutes later. The routes will be posted on Friday

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