El Paso Road trip To New York For The Americade.

 27 May
 Lake George, NY, United States
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 Nick Granger
( americade .com ) Anyone who wants to go on a road trip the the second largest motorcycle rally in the U.S., is able to go, open invite, anyone can come up with ideas on what they want to do, you can do a track day at the new York safety track (nyst .com), take a day trip up to canada, or a day trip down to NYC, and plenty of mountain streets, back roads and interstate riding, and having fun with cops. The americade is a week long event and before you say no at least check out the video of what it's like. The streets are lined with bikes for miles, many events, and I'll have a true back yard bonfire. I've got 4 acres of land in the back woods, bring a tent with you or we've got places here for you to sleep, the more people we have the cheaper per person it will be. The bigger the group the more fun everyone can have and it's not to big of a road trip. So let's get everyone to come up to my neck of the woods!

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