Eivind Opsvik "OVERSEAS" @ Moers Festival Moers (Germany)

 24 May
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 Arco y Flecha
TONY MALABY, saxophone. BRANDON SEABROOK, electric guitar. JACOB SACKS, piano and organ. EIVIND OPSVIK, upright bass. FLIN VAN HEMMEN, drums. Live performances : from Nublu NYC: http://youtu.be/hepnRBydRiU from Le Poisson Rouge, NYC: http://youtu.be/xoBOvWhyKdo http://youtu.be/o4_oQUJdrYo http://youtu.be/0iM-H2yfqqw http://eivindopsvik.bandcamp.com/ "Throughout the date, Opsvik's bold writing deftly juxtaposes nostalgia and modernity, yielding a truly unclassifiable hybrid. One of today's most compelling musical statements, Overseas IV is a fully realized effort whose equitable blend of folksy melody, neo-classical harmonic sophistication, and avant-garde improvisation transcends the limitations of genre." Troy Collins, Allaboutjazz "I haven't yet heard Overseas I through III, but catching the series here at IV is quite a pleasure. Eivind Opsvik, with his instrumentally eclectic group, creates a world of unfolding soundscapes that run the gamut from precious to powerful. It's an excellent collection of music that packs a lot of surprises." Paul Acquaro, Free jazzblog

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