Ecstatic Festival 2015 - 3 days of connection, dance and nature

 12 June
 Lair Of The Golden Bear
 Highway 108 & Pinecrest Lake Rd - 95364 - Pinecrest - United States
 Romi Elan
Last days of EARLY BIRD Tier I tickets! Prices increase April 30th! Get tickets now:!tickets/cb8u 3-Days, 35 presenters, 50+ workshops, an all-inclusive experience. Presenters: ★ Zora Coeur de Roy ~ Biodanza Facilitator and Teacher Trainer ★ Jillian Love ~ Transformation by Conscious Cuisine ★ Reid Mihalko ~ "America's Favorite Sex Geek" ★ Claire Alexander ~ Open Floor Movement Teacher ★ Robert Silber ~ Institute for Conscious Sensuality founder ★ Hamid Martin ~ DJ / Inner Rhythm / Dancing Freedom ★ Lucas Lehman ~ International speaker, Educator, Author ★ Philippe Lewis ~ Sex & Intimacy Coach, Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Epic Event Producer ★ Tahil Gesyuk ~ Yoga, Massage, Health, Life Coaching ★ Viviana Lahrs ~ Therapeutic Yoga, CMT, Life Coaching ★ Jennifer Haydu ~ Dancer, Arts Activist, Thai Massage, Yoga Teaching & more ★ Scott Catamas and Emily Orum ~ Love Coaches, Sound Healing ★ Theresa Vargo ~ The Art of Intimacy, Spiritual Advisor ★ Marcia Baczynski ~ Sex educator and Relationship Coach ★ Anjuli and Alok ~ Yoga, Acrobatics, Contact Improvisation ★ Megan Cannon ~ Embodied Yoga, Iyengar Yoga Teacher ★ Asha Stokes ~ Love and Intimacy Coach ★ Devorah Bry ~ Dancer, Reverend, Somatic Therapist ★ Jason McClain ~ B-School for Healers, Relationships Coach ★ Alex Perlman ~ Contact Improv and Communication ★ Gina Zappia (Cosmic Monkey) ~ Dance, Yoga, Bodywork, Anatomy Nerd ★ Polina Smith ~ Clown, Theatre, Holistic Event Producer ★ Catherine Anderson ~ Authentic Relating Games Facilitator ★ Alika Medeiros ~ Daka, Yogi, and Shamanic Practitioner ★ Joni Caldwell ~ Sexuality Education and Counseling ★ Florence Lesur ~ Ecstatic Dance DJ, Dolphin Dance ★ Kathi Joy ~ Executive Coach, Ring Leader, Artist, Muse ★ Jeremy Weichsel ~ Soul Motion, Contact Improv ★ Jak Noble ~ Chi Kung, Meditations, Chi Nei Tsang ★ Kim Von Berg ~ Communication and Intimacy ...and more coming soon! Ecstatic is 3 full days of workshops including heart-opening connection, blissful dance, invigorating yoga, and much more. June 12-14, 2015, Pinecrest, CA. GET TICKETS and sign up for updates here: JOIN our FB community here: Join us for a 3-day gathering in beautiful and stunning Stanislaus National Forest where we will come together to deeply connect with one another. When we gather together with the willingness to connect more deeply and authentically, a magical world of love, harmony, satisfaction and joy becomes available to us. Your voice, heart, and spirit are needed. Ecstatic is 3 full days focused on heart-opening communication, embodied spirituality, and blissful connection. Well-known facilitators, practitioners and speakers will present 50+ workshops including Contact Improv, Ecstatic Dance, Authentic Relating, Compassionate Communication, Tantra, OMing, massage, yoga, and more! We will also have inspiring musical performances to keep us moving as we celebrate life in an epic picturesque location! Enjoy 50+ workshops and events across 6 Activity areas: Ecstatic Ballroom - Elevate your spirit with music and dance, build intimacy through genuine communication, heal past wounds and deeply connect with one another. ECSTATIC BALLROOM - Elevate your spirit with music and dance, build intimacy through genuine communication, heal past wounds and deeply connect with one another. SPIRIT COVE - Dive deep into the inner realms of yourself. Meditation, self reflection, breathwork and healing are found here. TOUCH TEMPLE - Explore the magic of human touch. Experience the ebb and flow of energy as it moves through us and between us. MOVE GROVE - Shake your body in delight and awaken your soul. Experience different modalities of movement and share your happiness with the world. SACRED FIRE THEATER - Let the divine sounds and words nourish your being as you receive beautiful love offerings from our sacred performers. NOA'S OASIS - Chill yourself in the sparkling blue waters during the day. Create special moments with friends in the warm tub at night. Not feeling like entering a workshop? No sweat! In addition to the workshop areas you will have access to an open pool, hot tub, hiking trails, lake nearby with canoeing (extra cost), spa with massage therapists (extra cost), basketball court, tennis court, art workshop, and more. Your ticket includes accommodations, meals, access to all workshops, yoga sessions and evening events, and access the above mentioned facilities for the entire weekend! Your ticket does not include transportation and additional offerings such as snacks and beverages between meals, private massage treatments and private coaching sessions. Accommodations - Your ticket includes accommodations in tent cabins at Ecstatic. The cabins include simple camp beds, a shelf, a lamp, and an electrical outlet. Shared cabins and Private cabins for couples are available. Shared cabins will accommodate either 4 or 6 people depending on availability. If you are purchasing tickets with a group of friends and wish to stay in a shared cabin together, please state this on the check-out form when you purchase your ticket. If you wish to reserve a room in a separate venue nearby, feel free to do so. However, this will not reduce the price of your ticket. Food - Our lovely kitchen staff will be providing 6 healthy meals for us to nourish ourselves. Your ticket includes Friday (Dinner), Saturday (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Sunday (Breakfast, Lunch). Meal times will be published at a later date. You may state your meal preferences when you purchase your ticket. We will have a store, snack bar and coffee shop available for those of you who need a little something extra. These items will be offered at an additional charge. "You already are the light at the end of the tunnel. You already are the wisdom, you already are the peace, you already are the joy. You already are awakened, you already are perfect. All that's left is for you to discover that you are." _Teal Scott_ Get on the FB group and stay informed of what's happening with the community:

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