Ecstatic fest: contact improv dance, communication, and building community

 12 June
 Lair Of The Golden Bear
 Highway 108 & Pinecrest Lake Rd - 95364 - Pinecrest - United States
 Alex Perlman
Have you heard of Ecstatic: an experiment in radical connection? Our upcoming experiential gatherings from June 12th to 14th will take place there in a beautiful spot in Pinecrest, CA. Each gathering will be for about 2 hours within the larger festival. The focus of the first gathering will be contact improv dance and communication. I call it Communicadance™. The second gathering will be an experiential exploration of building community together where we’ll share our visions of community, engaging in one-on-one, small group, and large group sharing of our passions, interlinked with contact improv, movement, and touch to build conscious, intimate community together. To come to these gatherings, RSVP here and you’ll also need to register for the festival at: Please note: early-bird pricing expires late Thursday night, April 30th. When registering, please put Alex Perlman in the space for who invited you. For notification of future experiential, community-building events, please join our Meetup group now at: Looking forward to connecting with you soon! Alex More detailed info… Communicadance™ - a contact improv dance and communication experience Communicadance™ explores the form of contact improv dance in an environment of transparent communication. This dance form is an arena for self-expression, inner and interpersonal connection, and deepening awareness of relationships and life itself. We foster your personal integrity exactly as you are and wish to be, while discovering the mutually-found dance where you meet with your partner(s). It can be joyful, playful, rambunctious, and intimate. All levels of experience and ability are welcome. Brilliant Contact™: contact improv dancing in conscious, intimate community Breathe into your ideal community: fostering your self-expression; connection with nature, the earth, & each other; creativity; consciousness; & loving engagement in all you do. Come play with us in co-creation as we dance, talk, touch, & explore our visions of community building & living. Make connections & plans that go beyond our 3 days together. Have you got skills & passions to bring into community? Let’s foster & build a community of dance & all the elements for a garden planet in harmony. Alex Perlman, MBA, MEd, MHRD, CPA, BPHE, has been leading contact improv dance and communication workshops for over 7 years and dancing the form for over 20 years. He’s facilitated workshops for awareness, movement, communication, and personal development since the 70’s including the Human Interaction program, with its feature experiential workshop retreats in the Caribbean. Alex is the founder of Brilliant Contact Communities (, a network of sustainable, holistic communities.

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