Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz Monthly w/ Hamid & Baron von Spirit

 23 May
 Pacific Cultural Center
 1307 Seabright Ave - 95062 - Santa Cruz - United States
 Hamid Martin
Saturday Night, May 23rd, 7-10pm Pacific Cultural Center 1307 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 HOSTED AND DJ'd 3 hrs w/ HAMID & GUEST ARTISTS (typically every 4th Saturday) APRIL 25TH, 2015 -HAMID & Baron von Spirit aka Peter Weinstein Hamid 7-8:30 Baron von Spirit 8:30-10pm UPCOMING GUEST ARTISTS: June 27 Pangea aka Dean Halpern Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz is a unique expression of a global movement Ecstatic Dance is a DJ’d, free-form dance/movement meditation experience. This can be a practice of surrendering to the moment and to our body’s wisdom. It is an opportunity for allowing, feeling, and expressing all the emotional qualities and textures that make up this human experience; and for exploring what artistry moves through us/ as us in this expression. Inner Rhythm is my weekly dance offering. Here's the foundation philosophy of Inner Rhythm: When we truly get centered and grounded in ourselves, in our own unique inner rhythm, we will be more able to relate authentically with ourselves, with others, with nature, and the world around us. Centering and grounding is not something that happens once and it's done. Rather, it's something that we have to do again, again, and again. This is why it's so important for us to get familiar with the ways in which we do connect with ourselves. It's important for each of us to get to know what works. We are so lucky that we live in these bodies. We always have a place to come back to. Experience the simplicity and profundity of eyes closed, paying attention to breath, and feeling our weight on the ground... alllowing ourselves to be moved... Also, please visit for more information supporting this global movement. COST: $15-20 at the door. AGE: 14+ SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Scholarships are limited and must be reserved in advance. Contact Hamid Martin ***Please reach out if you are in real need financially and want to dance. BIG THANK YOU: NO shooze, booze, talking on the dance floor NO phones/cameras/perfumes/cologne YES Sacredness YES Soulfulness YES Playfulness Also: Every Thursday night, Inner Rhythm 8p - 10p @ The 418 Project, 418 Front Street $12-$15 (831) 818-7410 Every Monday night, Ecstatic Dance w/ Daniel 8-10pm The 418 Project Every Saturday Morning, Ecstatic Dance w/ Daniel 9-11:30 @ The 418 Project

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