Ecstatic Dance- Richmond Hill

 25 May
 Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts
 120 Newkirk Road #12&13 - L7B 1C2 - Richmond Hill - Canada
 Nicole Maya Schachter
Ecstatic Dance is a free flow conscious dance. You are taken into the layers of your body and your mind through music and collective energy. Ecstatic dance offers healing, prayer, expression and transformation through movement. It is a safe place to express and move to your souls content! Ecstatic Dance is what you make of it... a freeform movement space where: dance expands spirit activates boundaries melt boredom ceases creativity breaks out hope happens beauty flows communities collaborate ritual is reinvented harmony resonates The beat deepens as an electronic tapestry of world rhythms weave us together as individuals within a greater family. It is a drug and alcohol free zone, no shoes just beats and hearts. Doors open at 6:30pm Opening ceremony at 7pm, please arrive early as this will be a first come first serve entry. 25 person limit $15 entry fee Located at CATA ( Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts) in Richmond Hill

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