Ecstatic Dance Oakland 7 Years! - Lake Merritt Dance Outside

 17 May
 Lake Merritt, Oakland CA
 Lake Merritt - 94607 - Oakland - United States
 Tyler Blank
WoW. 7 Years Dancing in Oakland Every Sunday Morning & Every Wednesday Night... since 2008. We've been Churning the Cauldron at Sweet's Ballroom, Together Weaving the Magic of Energies Swirling in Physical Bodies and Sonic Reverberations Echoing from the History of Dance in this Space, since 1924... ... and all Those Who Have Danced Before Us... Meanwhile we continue to making our own History, each and every day, moment by moment, dancing with our dreams, our desires, our depths... And again... We Dance... This 7 Year Anniversary Celebration is a Mobile Outdoor Parade of sorts. All are Welcome & Included in our Free Moving Celebration. We will be transmitting an low power FM signal as we dance around the Lake. If you have battery powered speakers than can play music from the FM dial, please bring them! Thanks to the Decentralized Dance Party (Blessings!) we have around 30 boomboxes ("getto blasters", solar emergency hand crank radios, etc) available to us as our soundsystem. Our DJ's will spinning Live and on the Move around the Lake on their phones and tablets as we take it to the streets (and parks around the lake!). We will have to stay on the move, and will spontaneously and courageously dance around Lake Merritt, taking many extended dance breaks, and making many new dancing friends along the way. If you arrive late, you can find our location on Twitter: @ EcstaticDanceSF Sunday, May 17th, 2005 - Ecstatic Dance 9:30am - Yoga 10:30am - Ecstatic Dance: Sol Rising Plays the Journey 2pm - Picnic: After Ecstatic Dance, and some Whole Food lunch items, we gather at the Fairyland Sign for Picnic, at Lake Merritt 3pm - Music starts at Fairyland 4pm - By then we will have moved to the Gazebo dancing our way clockwise around Lake Merritt. 5pm- Estimated time to be at the Bandstand, across from the Grand Lake Theater 6pm- Estimated time we'll have danced over to the new part of Lake Merritt Peralta Park. 7pm- Estimated return to Fairyland. Home Sweet Home. AfterParty? Suggestions: Tea Oasis Oakland, Mua, Whole Foods... These 7 Years have been an Incredible Journey. Thank You for Joining and Encouraging this Reality. -I Give Thanks to the Artists & Producers who Create the Music we Dance with... -I Give Thanks to the DJs who Find this Music, who Craft it into the Sonic Journey we Move with... -I Give Thanks to the Community of Individuals who come Together, under one roof, to Experience the Awesome Nature of Freeform Movement... -I Give Thanks to All Who have Danced before us. I give thanks to those who have furthered the acceptance of dance as a healing, sacred, celebratory art form. -I Give Thanks to Donna, that our Energy Together has Created such a Special Place, for so many People. -I Give Thanks to the Volunteers who continue to Nurture our Dance Space. I Give Thanks to my helpers: Liza, Jason, Chris, Mogli, Daniel, Darren, Charles, Jollie... I Give Thanks and Everyone who has ever Taught Yoga, Contact Improv, Poured Tea, Given Massages, Made Food... to all of those who have offered their services at Ecstatic Dance. -I Give Thanks. Now Let's Dance.

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