ECSTATIC DANCE LONDON presents: Dancing with Trees & Nature Rave

 16 May
 Hampstead Heath Railway Station NW3 2QD
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ECSTATIC DANCE LONDON presents: DANCING WITH TREES & NATURE RAVE - Combining Bioenergetics, Chi gong, Eco-Therapy & Ecstatic Dance These workshops are inspired by my two great loves, Nature & Dance. I'm really excited to be bringing this work outdoors this Summer into Londons' parks and forests. You can come to just one event or attend both, the price is the same. £15 for one or both together - which includes the Dancing with Trees and Nature Rave Head-phone rental. Please rsvp here: The first phase: Dancing with Trees (1 1/2 hours) Often we have an experience of Nature, being "out there", outside of us, and in our busy lives we don’t make time for a deeper connection, that we long for. This event is an opportunity, to slow down and dive into Nature, to dive into Mother Nature. At least for a few hours. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated from this work. We will be using Bioenergetic Alchemy™ techniques to open the body up so that we can feel the sensitivity of Nature, of the Sky, the Trees, our Breath, our Being. Bioenergetic Alchemy™ is powerful work and extremely effective for releasing stress and tension, helping us to ground ourselves and bringing us more into the present moment. This is a synthesis of Bioenergetics, Chi Gong, Eco-therapy, Shamanism and Tantra. It is inspired by my 3 day Vision Quest I was on in Wales in 2013, through the Humanistic Alchemy training. The Second phase: Nature Rave (1 1/2 hours) After years of people asking me to run my dance events outside, this is my offering. Using our Head-Phones based sound system, we will journey together, dancing on the earth and with the music to inspire our movements and expression. This is a unique dance experience in London. An ecstatic dance meditation, dancing with our feet on the Earth, feeling the Sky above and Nature all around. I cant wait!! The journey continues: Let’s see where the journey takes us, but you may want to bring food to share, to bring blankets to sit on etc. DANCING WITH TREES & NATURE RAVE (Weather permitting) Saturday May 16th Meeting Time 2:45-3pm Location - Hampstead Heath Railway Station NW3 2QD stay in touch with me here for updates and information: Feedback from our last Dancing with Trees event: "There are those moments in life, which stands apart from other moments and today in the woods, dancing with the trees, the grass and beautiful like minded souls, being at one with Nature, purity and peace in our hearts is what made today, a day I will never forget. Today was the definition of blissful happiness. Thank you Seth and all the other wonderful souls, which joined me on my journey." Lea" "Struggling to find the words to describe this magical afternoon in our beautiful clearing in the woods... enough to say that I'm full of the joys of Spring, and my heart is full of love :) Thank you Seth!" Jane "Such a beautiful afternoon amongst the woodlands. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt so alive and at peace in nature. Thank you Seth for a beautiful integration of Bioenergetics, movement and connection to Nature. It was a joy to meet such lovely people and take this journey. I look forward to more of this." Navpreet Wow that was AWESOME- So much fun and freedom to be dancing to some heavenly music and to be with so many beautiful souls in the divine of nature ...... Can't wait for the next one :-)" x Susan "SO MUCH FUN!!!! What a beautiful, special day. I am so happy! Thank you all, much love x x x" "My body so needed that. Seth please organise another one soon :)"

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