ECCL Precision/Varmint Rifle Match

 30 May
 Erie County Conservation League
 815 Mason Road - 44846 - Milan - United States
 Nathan Goebel
ECCL is hosting a precision/varmint rifle match May 30th. This match is designed to test you the shooter, your rifle, and your equipment management and manipulation skills. The shooting positions will be in just about every form except benchrest. Shooting distances will be 100, 200 and 300 yards. The only items you need to compete are a scoped rifle, safety glasses and hearing protection and ammo. Sign in: 8:30 AM (Three hundred yard cover) Sign in Cutoff: 9:15 AM Cost: $15 member; $20 non-member, junior shooters shoot for free Clothing: No national match style gloves, coats etc. Dress for the weather. Shooting aids: You may use bags and/or bipod. You may use bags under your butt stock, but no monopod attached to the butt stock and no personal shooting sticks. Remember, you will be safely moving from one shooting position to the next while the par time is running. Sighters: None, the very first shot and all subsequent shots are for score. Equipment: Scoped, center fire rifle; max .38 caliber. The rifle is to be safe, serviceable, and capable of 1 MOA to compete or 2 MOA to come out and have fun. Chamber flag. Safety glasses and hearing protection. Round count: 50 rifle (bring some extra in case the course of fire (COF) changes). There may not be time to police your brass during the COF, so if you want your brass back, mark it with a Sharpie and we’ll do the best we can to let everyone pick up their own brass at the end of a relay. Scoring: Limited Vickers, each shot will be scored. No divisions, all setups compete together. Spotters: Yes, but the COF will be fast paced, so there may not be time for spotters to set-up, relay hits/misses and for the shooter to make adjustments. Rifle Zero: Have a one, two, and three hundred yard zero. Match Director Editorial: Too much equipment will be a hindrance, so be minimalistic. Be sure you have a good way to carry 50 rounds of ammo through the course of fire. A 50 round ammo box (with a few extra on your person), ammo bandoleer, etc.

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