Easy like Sunday Morning ride

 17 May
 M7 Shared Path
  - - -
 Oz Pinoy
Weather Permitting. Easy to Intermediate pace. Mostly flat, with hills of varying grades. Ride is from Rooty Hill to Tito Rey's hill training ground. Rest at Moonrise lookout. Route details below: M7 Shared Path towards Eli Drive. -> exit at Viliers Road -> Border Road -> Sugarloaf Ridge -> Moonrise Lookout -> Border Road -> Saxony Road -> M7 Shared Path to Rooty Hill For those who would like to give their legs a bit of workout, you can do laps at Cotsworld Road (a.k.a Amy Gillett Hill) from Moonrise Lookout. Meet up at M7 Station Street Rooty Hill entrance. ETD: 07:00 Back by 09:30.

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