Eastern Anatolia Turkey with Bennett Pilgrimages

 31 May
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 Cindy Witham Bennett
Guests - Tony Geballe and Dr. William Sullivan Eastern Anatolia Turkey Istanbul ~ Erzurum ~ Kars/Ani ~ Van ~ Mardin ~ Şanlıurfa / Göbekli Tepe ~ Adıyaman / Mt. Nemrut ~ Göreme ~ Konya 19 Nights / 20 Days May 31 ~ June 19, 2015 In September 2013 Bennett Pilgrimages traveled to Eastern Anatolia. The tour was planned with these objectives: to make pilgrimage to some holy sites and places of religious significance; to visit some historical and archeological sites having a bearing on our spiritual search; and to visit the scenes of Gurdjieff's early life and places described in the early chapters of "Meetings with Remarkable Men". We drew on the resources of local guides, talked to local people participating on religious and Sufi practices, and also met with our dervish friends in Istanbul. In 2015 we will return to Eastern Anatolia. The objective is essentially the same, but we have changed some locations, and added extra nights to certain locations to allow for more time to explore the areas. We will be meeting with various Musicians and traditional Instrument makers, and studying connections between ancient Mythology and how it relates to events in "Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson" and "Gurdjieff; Making a New World" . Our tour operates as a private group tour, so bookings are limited. We also need to reach a minimum number of travelers for the tour to proceed. Our tours are for you if you are willing to undertake a true pilgrimage: to travel in humility and simplicity to holy places of former epochs and other belief systems and to open yourself to their spiritual influence. We also create opportunities for studying the works of our teachers; making use of interactions with our companions and people we meet along our route, while traveling and intensifying our work and study. The tours are set up as traveling seminars, with morning sittings, daily practice, inner tasks, readings, and group meetings for observation and discussion.

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