Earn a 6 figure Income-A Sneak Peek into What Is Beachbody Coaching!

 18 May
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 Shelley Hobbs
Get an insiders look into HOW and WHAT a Beahcbody Coach Does! I am looking for 10 AMAZING people to add to my team whom I will personally mentor in June, who..... ~ want to add income to their bank account, ~ who want to work on their health and fitness, ~ who have some AMAZING LIFE DREAMS that they want to make come true! ~ who love social media ~ who love helping others succeed in life! WHAT TO EXPECT: Learn how to earn $$$$ as a coach, how to use social media to earn a 6-figure income or even a part-time income, how to use your fitness goals and journey as your business, and I will show you what we do daily! Did you know that it is possible to turn your fitness goals and your journey into a business? I did, and it has completely changed my life. I kicked corporate america to the cub once I learned I could have a legitmate home business using social media and using my fitness journey and reaching for my own fitness goals and create a FULL TIME income from it. People ask me, "Shelley HOW DO YOU earn over $7k per month doing this?" "Shelley is just this chick on facebook sharing recipes, workouts, and fun tips, how on earth does she earn that much $$$??" But it is true. It is because I lead from the heart, have fun and I am a Beachbody Coach. For 5 straight days you are going to live in the life of me and the coaches on our team and learn what we do and how we do it. Here is what you can expect: 1. Fit tips and advice. 2. You will get daily videos from me about What Beachbody Coaching is and how it all works! You will learn from myself and several other leaders on our team about how to start a business with your fitness and pay your fitness forward. >> YOU: ✅register me or the coach that invited you to the group as you're free online fitness coach ✅check in daily in the morning for my information posts ✅ Get started as a coach (with your coach) by April 27 so you can get into our new coach training that starts on May 5th where we will train you personally and so you too can start working on your health and fitness goals and earning an income doing it!

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