Early Religion and Preachers in Readfield - NEW!!

 20 May
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 Readfield Historical Society
Instructors: Dale Potter-Clark and Libby Doak Readfield was settled years ahead of the War of Independence and before the US Constitution assured religious freedom. In those days the Congregational Church and Puritan lifestyle still prevailed. It was not long, however, before Baptist and Methodist evangelists and missionaries came into this backcountry and converted many of our fair residents. Still later the Universalists appeared. Early Readfield became a hot bed of free thinkers, movers and shakers. Libby Doak of Chelsea will be the presenter for the first half of the class and will share information about New England Puritans and the influences they had over society in general - and more! Dale Potter-Clark will share information about the early Methodists, Baptist and Universalist movement in Readfield. MORE ABOUT LIBBY DOAK: Libby was very well received when she and led Readfield History Walk #24 last fall and we are so pleased that she will be joining us again. She and her friend Sharon Burns have been recording, cleaning and restoring old cemeteries in Chelsea, ME for several years which has led them into fascinating finds. Because of their interest in the old burying grounds, they have gained knowledge about the traditional early New England cemetery traditions and grave stone iconography and symbolism. Libby will be presenting the first half of this class. She will have charts and lists of symbol gravestone meanings available as well as extensive bibliographies. Doak is a very entertaining as well as informative speaker. “This will be a pretty informal presentation”, said Doak. “I love trivia like why cemeteries are fenced and why ministers often had dozens of pairs of gloves. And you wouldn’t believe the amount of drink a funeral required.” Come to this presentation to learn more! The class will be held at Maranacook Community School on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 6:30-8:30pm. Registration fee is $15 will help fund historical site markers in Readfield. To register contact Maranacook Adult and Community Education Phone: 207-685-4923 x 1065 or Register online using a debit or credit card. For details and to view all classes go to http://maranacook.maineadulted.org.

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