E t A l. Poetry Readings

 19 May
 Dinos Bar
 411 Gallatin Ave - 37206 - Nashville - United States
 Matt Johnstone
The newest oldest bar in East Nashville, Dino's will again host a monthly poetry reading series. E t A l. Poetry Readings are at least one visiting poet, and at least one local poet reading an hour's worth of poetry to us culturing masses. Get provoked. The fourth E t A l. Poetry Reading hosts Visiting poet, &, author of 'Re-' & 'PLAN/K' & 'To Insist on the 'Someness' of Every Assemblage,' Kristi Maxwell "...become beyond the crack in the door where light diets to a skeleton of light laying patient as a train station. It works well, the platform where they perform this construction. Vegetables coddled in the cutting, thus zucchini lives its less remarkable dream dreamed for it: Periscope with nothing to spy. In unison, spoons move to their mouths, in unison in a way more eerie than hunger in common." + Austin Peay State University MFA student in Creative Writing Ericka Suhl “...the auroral ancestors retained their legends of skies that bleed, lights that fall like curtains, their impossible ringing sounds. Birkeland used a sleep aid called Veronal, and a double-dose killed him in Tokyo at the age of 49 (Jago 259-60). It was also the insomnia, the paranoia, the strange lights and shadows in his mind that didn’t appear to move properly. His last sensations would have been crushing, suffocating, terrifying, killing.” + Nashvillian, &, Pushcart Prize Nominee, &, Vanderbilt MFA student in Creative Writing, &, Former Literary Death Match Champ Tiana Clark "...I became the flint and those kids obeyed me like kindling. I was the spark, a fire starter and it burns, seeing her face pleading as I zipped her in darkness." Come, prepped or not ( Dino's has a full beer bar, plus a full burger grill, intact and refined! ).

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