17 May
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 Angus Rushworth
Session #3 For our 3rd instalment of the dub club we are stepping back ina WHQ, bringing with us a true weapon of peace and mass direction.. Middlesbrough's own heavy weight rootsman sound.. ★INSTRUMENT OF JAH SOUND SYSTEM Founded by Patrick Anselm, IOJ have been out all over the country (and globe) for the past 6 years promoting a message of love and unity with the power of music amplified through a highly tuned sound system built by the legendary Jah Tubbys. http://instrumentofjah.info/ alongside ★COMMON UNITY Angus Serenity & Tom Twinting are back at the controls with the unstoppable mic duo Louie Zico & Reji Birdman on the custom built forever changing, forever growing Serenity Sound System. Special warm up selections courtesy of Dub Jon from the original northern sound Bear Cub. ★WORLD HEADQUARTERS ★16.05.2015 ★TICKETS >> http://tickets.welovewhq.com/dub-club-3-instrument-of-jah-and-common-unity Common Unity = Sound Community LOVE

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