16 May
 University of Denver
 2199 S University Blvd - 80208 - Denver - United States
 Lena Chhay
HEY FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Are you stuck in work or school and need a good laugh? Do you want to seek revenge on a KPL sister? Or do you want to contribute to providing medical kits and food to victims of the Nepalese earthquake?! WELL HAVE WE GOT THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU. NOW YOU CAN HAVE ALL THREE WITH OUR PENNY WARS FUNDRAISER. Thanks to Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity, Inc. for the idea, and allowing us to enact it! Here's how it works: 1) Donate to us via cash or Venmo (@denverkpl). Type (Team Name and $ amount). Example: Charters $5. 2) The donation will either add/subtract points from the team! 3) The team with the least amount of points on Saturday at 11:59pm will be PUNISHED! (and we'll record it!) Point system: - EVEN donations will ADD points to a team (you're helping them!) - ODD donations will SUBTRACT points from a team (you're hurting them!) - Points restart at the beginning of each week! For example: - a $5 donation will SUBTRACT 5 points from Team X - a $10 donation will ADD 10 points to Team X PUNISHMENTS: Week 1 (5/11-5/16): Losing team SWIMS in a kiddie pool of GROSSNESS! **If you donate $20 or more YOU get to choose what goes in the kiddie pool (minus bodily fluids)*** Week 2 (5/18-5/23): Losing team gets EGGS cracked over their head, then get BAGS OF FLOUR thrown at them. **If you donate $20 or more YOU get to crack the eggs or throw the flour yourself! If you can't physically be there, we'll record your flour and eggs for a specific individual** Week 3 (5/25-5/30): Losing team gets SARAN WRAPPED TOGETHER and has to do a lap around Driscoll Green! ALL PUNISHMENTS OCCUR ON SUNDAYS! HERE ARE THE TEAMS: Team Charters: Joie Ha *Vergani*, Lena Chhay *Incendio*, Sophia Man *Awaken* Team Alphas: Susanna Park *Firework*, Isabella Tran *L'estasi*, Solongo Batsukh *Inanna*, Nikki Huang *JägerBomb* Team Short Betas: Della Phan *Firenze*, Angela Ho *Jolly Roger*, Amy Nguyen *Integrity*, Annabelle Lee *SnowHeart*, Elena Martinez *SugarTwist* Team Tall Betas: Hyemin Nam *Arale*, Erika Baik *Night Fury*, Jennifer Kim *Amano*, Kalie Nakata *andante*, Sabrina Hai *Kitsune* We'll be tabling all week, so check us out! <3 PLEASE DONATE, PROCEEDS BENEFIT CARE TO GO SPECIFICALLY TO NEPAL.

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