Drum Etc, Englewood (Workshops and Lessons for ALL skill levels)

 06 June
 Dance Etc, Englewood
 3372 N Access Rd - 34224 - Englewood - United States
 Mark J DeMaio
Drum-n-Chant Saturday 11:30am to 1pm Singing and playing music, especially in a group setting, has been found to activate more simultaneous regions of our brains than any other human activity, and the psychoneuroimmunological effects of such community recreational music-making are both well-documented and profound. Coupling voice with drums, you have immediate and effective access to these benefits. In this class, we will be sharing chants in numerous languages and from a diversity of traditions to experience the benefits of vocal sound. We will pair this with simple core affirming rhythms on a variety of instruments to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. This is a revitalizing and relaxing experience for any level drummer or chanter. No previous experience necessary. 90 minutes approx: $10 Health Rhythms Workshop Saturday 1:30pm to 3pm With solid, peer-reviewed and replicated research that has established a panoply of wellness benefits ranging from increased killer T cell activity and improvement in cancer-resistant immunological responses through studies actually showing that experience of sessions of the Health Rhythms protocol actually can create change in our hereditary stress-related disease expression at the genomic level, Health Rhythms facilitated sessions offer a profound opportunity to improve your general wellness. These recreational music-making sessions present a protocol fine-tuned by research that in addition to the effects already mentioned community-building and FUN! No previous drum experience necessary. Great for all skill levels. 90 minutes approx. $10 Beef-Up-Your-Rhythm: In this workshop, Dance Etc and friends will chose one to two rhythms they really enjoy and would like to BEEF up with possible intros, outros, solo phrasing, additional accompaniment parts, etc. Start thinking of your favorite rhythms now so I can get some easy to learn BEEF and add the right amount of seasoning. 2 hour workshop Cost $15. Private Lessons Will be Available in either hour long sessions or Microburst Format. Hour Sessions are normally $50 but I will be offering them half price during my stay in Engelwood for $25. Microburst lessons will be about 15 minutes long and will cost just $5. In private lessons, we can focus on your personal relationship to the drum and developing some techniques and practices to bring out the experiences you are looking to create. Private lessons will be available for Djembe, Dundun (ballet or traditional), Stick and Hand Technique, and/or Doumbek. For frame drum and it's relatives, see Linda or Sudi. Skill level for Private Lessons: Any. Cost: $25 for hour or $5 for 15 minutes --- note: you can't combine 15 minute lessons.

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