Drop The Bogus Charges Filed On The Baltimore Six

 27 May
 Baltimore, MD, United States
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 Breaking Obama
On May 1st an Amateur Racially Biased Prosecutor named Marilyn Mosby decided to take the law into her own hands and without facts and a thorough investigation to side with Thugs and Rioters and charge 6 Police Officers to make a Political Statement. She needs to be fired, the Mayor of Baltimore needs to be Fired and these charges need to be dropped. The #FreddieGray Prosecution by @MarilynMosbyESQ is a Sham & Scam & Coverup! This fleeing Felon swallowed large amounts of Heroin & Marijuana before being arrested to destroy evidence which caused him to have a massive seizure while in custody causing him to flail about with such force that the injuries he sustained were by his own doing! He was also well known in the area as a criminal. All Charges need to be dropped against the innocent cops and heads at City Hall need to roll now! Please Share this to stop the lies and expose the truth! www.Facebook.com/BreakingObama www.BreakingObama.com

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