Drakelow Tunnels - Staffordshire Ghost Hunt 6th June 2015 £35pp

 06 June
 Drakelow Tunnels
 Drakelow Lane - DY11 - -
 Chris C Chell
Join Haunted Houses on a terrifying ghost hunt at Drakelow Tunnels. With over 3.5 miles of maze like tunnels will you be able to find your way out? BOOK TODAY AT www.haunted-houses.co.uk During the construction of Drakelow there have been 6 rumoured deaths. From roof collapses to fatal human error. Most hauntings in the tunnels 1-4 are connected with their traumatic and tragic deaths. There have been many reports of experiences of activity by the visitors and more recent workers inside the tunnels. The presence of a worker who died during its construction is still known to move objects. It was reported that whilst the current caretaker of the site was working in the nuclear side, his dogs were barking in the corner of one room. When the caretaker came to see what was happening, he saw no reason for the commotion. The same caretaker has had the feeling of being watched in the complex. Most Haunted visted Drakelow Tunnels for the new series, airing late 2014. We will provide full use of our ghost hunting equipment and you will only conduct the experiments that you wish to partake in. Our experienced team will be there at all times to help you when you need it. You will have a guided tour of the location with our mediums first and get the chance to have some free time to investigate yourself, with lone vigils for the super brave!! The price to attend is just £35 per person. Our equipment and experiments: * K2 meters * EVP recorders * Spirit boxes * Night vision camcorders * Digital thermometers * Ouija boards * Glass divination * Crystal pendulums * Table tipping * Dowsing rods * Automatic writing (Plancette) * Call outs * Victorian seances (If you are new to ghost hunting, we shall gladly introduce you to the kit and explain how it all works, all levels of experience shall be taken care of) A buffet will be provided and included in the price. £35 pp Saturday 6th June 2015 8pm - 3am With Haunted Houses BOOK HERE AT www.haunted-houses.co.uk

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