Double Birthday !! Kevins 100th Birthday Celebration! Well it feels like it anyway! AND Lovely Lana is whatever age she wants to be...!

 16 May
 Kevs Kareoke Palace and Firebar..2138 Culp Ct. Point Roberts Wa.
  - - -
 Kevin Williamson
The Lovely Lana Boykiw and Kevin Williamson were born on the exact same day...ten years apart ! So we would like for you to come and celebrate with us! There will be Kareoke, Axe throwin, Firepit a blazin and hot tubbin. There will be a Luau theme for those who want to partake !! Bring yourselves, BYOB, mix or whatever, everyone bring 7 pieces of ice, bring some snacks, swimwear if you want it...just be here! Oh and Lana has a special request...she hopes all the goils are wearing Bikini tops, flip flops and have all 20 sexy nails painted bright and don't really care about those sorts of things.... Hope to see you here..even if its just a short drop by visit, don't forget your passports!!. We will likely go all theres lotsa room!

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