Donate to 3 rescue pit bull puppies!

 17 May
  - - -
 Jessica Rivera
This event is not an actually event to attend but to help everyone know that we are trying to raise money for three pit rescue pups. We have names the 3 beautiful girls KayKay, Butter cup, and Rami. These girls were kept in a small shed their whole life and at 7 months old only weight up to 18lbs. Their breed at they age at a normal weight is almost 45lbs..... What we are trying to do is raise enough money to get them their shots and get them fixed and get them back to the weight they should be so we can find forever homes for them! Please help by clicking the link. If you can also share the link so we can get anyone that is will to help! Thank you so much I will post updates of the girls as well. ❤️Please Share this link❤️

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