Donate-A-Dollar: Help Andrew march Madison Scouts 2015

 15 May
 Madison, WI, United States
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 Andrew Hill
Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I was offered a contract as a trumpet player for the 2015 Madison Scouts! .The Madison Scouts are a world Class Drum and Bugle Corps that perform at the highest level of marching music. Something I am really excited about!! I created this as a donation page for my 2015 Scouts tuition. Unfortunately the costs are a bit high, and I would appreciate any and all help. No help will go unnoticed or unthanked, and I appreciate even taking the time to read this. If everyone donates just $1 to help me march, I will reach my goal in no time! To donate: -Go to this website: -Put "Andrew Hill" in the member name -Select the Quantity of Payment (ITS IN INCREMENTS OF $1 =D ) -Select "Add to cart" LINK: (I originally created a GoFundMe, but they charge processing fees for each donation, so this is easier for you!)

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 15 December, Thursday