Dogwood Hollow Homestead 2nd annual Summer gathering

 12 June
 Dogwood Hollow Homestead
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 Dogwood Hollow Homestead
Those who decide to attend this event can expect all the following and much more! This is a 3 day event. June 12-14. The intention of this event, as it is being recreated after a time of non existence, is to gather and meet those that are interested in the lifestyle the folks at the Dogwood Hollow Homestead live. The pace of this event will be slow, relaxed and laid back. Back by popular demand! Dogwood Hollow Homestead has decided that we want to re-start our seasonal gatherings once again. In the past the homestead had seasonal gatherings that were both relaxing, inspirational and very instructional as well as fun and full of good organic food. Gathering goers had the opportunity to live off grid on an actual 100% off grid homestead with 5 years of off grid history for up to 3 days! The experience was both intense and rewarding. People came and we all ate well, eating organic and non GMO foods ONLY. Meals were/are potluck and always tasty with some being cooked over an open pit fire or wood burning stove in cast iron cookware. Great conversation can be recalled about subjects such as off grid living, organic gardening, homesteading, wild foraging, current events, even conspiracy theories! Congregation was around large camp fires or goers primitive camps. Event goers could look forward to learning all about homesteading off the grid in the US, gathering wild herbs, herbal remedies, DIY ideas, self sufficient ways, sustainable living as well as spiritual guidance in nature. The setting is under the canopy of the Ozark forest, trees and the sunrises and sunsets are to die for! Event goers gathered wild berries, participated in making of wild berry jams, canning events, mingled and met new friends of like minds and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing life on a true off grid homestead.

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