24 May
 Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California
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 Tristan Jemsek
Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Wassap! Just wanted to let you know that we (Dogbreth) are going on tour again! We're lookin' to rock and have fun with rad people. And let me tell you, after glancing at these dates below, something tells me that's EXACTLY what'll happen. ;) 5/23 Tour Kickoff - Funny World w/ Red Tank!, Chandails 5/25 Flagstaff, AZ - Firecreek 5/26 SLC, UT - Boing! Collective 5/27 Boise, ID - Feral House 5/29 Missoula, MT - Camp Daze Fest 5/30 Seattle, WA - The Cockpit w/ iji, Lisa Prank, The Exquisites 5/31 Olympia, WA - Flop House w/ Generifus, Box Fan, Dozer 6/1 Portland, OR - The Know w/ PS-AX, Alien Boy 6/2 Corvallis, OR - Interzone w/ Ari & Her Banjo, Dumb Luck 6/3 Davis, CA - Shaq's Shack 6/4 San Francisco/Oakland -TBA w/ Joyride!, Acid Fast 6/5 San Jose, CA - Rock Shop w/ Hey Hallways, Tabor Mountain, Great Hart 6/6 Los Angelas, CA - TBA w/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Slutever 6/8 Phoenix, AZ - Trunk Space w/ Ghost Mice Oh and ALL SHOWS* will be ALL AGES!! --/--- ---/--- If You ---[]--- Support METAL ---[]--- add the GUITAR to your --/[]-- page -/._. - /_/ _ *except portland. sorry!!! :(

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