DOG MANSION FUNDAY MULTIDISCIPLINARY BLOW OUT RAGER feat Curt Oren, Nora Petran, & Brooks Strause w/ readings by Ryan Werner and Gwen Beatty

 17 May
 The Dog Mansion
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 New Hat
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO IOWA CITYYYYYYYYYYYYY are you excited? are you pumped? are you "jazzed?" If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we'd like to see YOU at the DOG MANSION on SUNDAY, MAY 17TH. Lots of crazy fun WILD stuff happening that night including: Music by Curt Oren - he moved away don't support him any more Nora Petran - if you've never heard her music what the fuck is wrong with you it is so incredibly gorgeous Brooks Strause - see him perform before he ascends to the next plane of consciousness Readings by Ryan Werner - he likes wrestling Gwen Beatty - she likes cheetos Food by Ethan Hübner - he might make something with cheetos in it have you ever been to dog mansion and NOT had a fun time? $5 please and thank you : )

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