24 May
 885 Nellis St. Woodstock
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 Melissa Milbury
DOG FOSTER WORKSHOP: Date: Sunday May 24th, 2015 Time: 12pm -3pm (approximate end time) Location: 885 Nellis st. Woodstock - Rescue office. Hosted by: Melissa Milbury and Melissa De-Decker Hey everyone - I'm very excited to host this Info session / workshop for our dog fosters. We will be going over VERY important information so I'd appreciate it if you could make every effort to attend. Some of the agenda is as follows: * Review of current foster agreement. * Our expectations of you, your expectations of the rescue. * Protocol when getting a new foster dog. * Emergency vet treatment protocol. * Raw feeding * Writing an adoption profile - taking pictures. * Feeding guidelines. * Making your dog more adoptable: Includes training tools and techniques such as: Crate training, spacial pressure, pressure/release techniques, free feeding (no!), Nothing in life for free, halti, prong collar, transitional leash, e-collar demo, Adrenalizing your dog (never!). * Discussing physical vs. mental stimulation. * Being an advocate for your foster dog. If time permits, we will do some long line work, and show you some basic easy mental exercises. Melissa Anne De Decker will be helping out! Very exciting. I will bring some basic snacks. Foster dogs welcome! (If bringing your foster dog please bring whatever you are using for collar and walking with you). **PLEASE COMMENT BELOW IF YOU CAN OR CANNOT ATTEND SO WE CAN RESCHEDULE IF NECESSARY. This is open to all approved foster homes, whether you currently have a foster dog or not**

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