20 May
 Punta Cana, Republica Dominicana
  - 08635 - Punta Cana - Dominican Republic
 Keysha Hall
Hello Ladies this is Evangelist Morrie L. Jacks and I am so excited to present the vision that God has given me. God has called me to gather his women together to travel to beautiful places of the World to Experience a total transfiguration. I am requesting Your presence at The Gathering of the DIVAS. We will be traveling to beautiful Punta Cana Dominican Republic for a total rejuvenation of The Whole Woman Spiritually , Physically and Psychologically. We will encounter Conversations with guess speakers who are keeping IT REAL on renewing of ones self, looking and feeling beautiful , sensuality and salvation , marriage, sisterhood, motherhood, healing, connecting with yourself spiritually, deliverance, taking women to the next level, total Empowerment! Divas of Destiny will be sponsoring 10 beautiful woman who may not even began to imagine such a life changing experience. Bring your swimsuit and your pretty red dress we will be having a great time! Simply feeling the gift of being a woman of God and the beauty that we possesse inside and out.

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