16 May
 private studio at Solar Culture Gallery
  - - -
 Merrie Wolfie Tarot Totem
Dissolving negative energy cords, patterns and habits under the magic of the Dark Moon Lunar Phase WORKSHOP & JOURNEY EVENT Saturday, May 16th. 1pm - 3pm Private studio at Solar Culture Gallery, Tucson, AZ $15 paid in advance. $20 at time of class (you can prepay at http://merriewolfie.com/payment-scheduling/) Here's a comment from a participant who attended the March workshop: "Tonight was really 3rd eye opening for me. I just wanted to let you know that I have never (until tonight) been able to "pierce the veil" and "see" the same style of visions, geometry, and colors with drumming (during the second journey). I have had visions with drumming, but never pierced through like this before.” - Clay Crow The cycle of Caterpillar - Chrysalis - Butterfly is one of Nature's most amazing feats. Earth bound and heavy caterpillar rolls up and hangs from a leaf or branch and proceeds to 'dissolve' his old body into a rich fluid. In this soup there are little 'imaginal cells' also called embryonic seeds, which become wings, legs, antenna and all the other parts that wholly create butterfly. Something dissolves into nothing and then creates itself as a completely new creature! PLEASE NOTE: Issues that are very intense or that you’re not sure you want to let go of, are not really suitable for this workshop. I'd be happy to work with you on an individual basis with those issues. During the workshop, you'll dissolve issues you’ve worked on and have some insight into, and that you’re very ready to detach from. This is an energetic release which is quite different than therapy. This gathering will introduce you to techniques to dissolve patterns and harmful connections into pure and formless energy which can then be imagined or imprinted with and more productive and happier feelings, thoughts and goals - i.e. happier beingness! HOW IT WORKS * We start with introductions and a little information about the process * Each person writes down a thing or two they want to dissolve and be done with * We do a guided meditation journey that connects you on the imagination level with the Caterpillar - Chrysalis - Butterfly sequence Then you'll experiment with learn about and experience symbols, herbs, incenses, animal spirit guides, rhythms, colors, body gestures, breathing techniques and other tools that empower your intent to let go and dissolve *You learn and use a process to dissolve negative energy cords that are attached to other people, beings, locations, things or even to past lives * Then you'll learn to dissolve patterns or habits which is a slightly different process because patterns and habits are more internalized than cords. * There’s often subconscious resistance to change and letting go and that’s a big reason why it can be so hard to get lasting closure. To search for subconscious fears or blocks, everyone will use a divination process to check in with the subconscious. Divination goes below the surface and comes back with information from the depths. Tarot, oracle cards. pendulum or automatic writing will be used. You’ll have help in interpreting the meaning if you need it. * You’ll use the dissolving process again, this time focusing on the subconscious blocks * The group will take a second journey to imprint the energy that has been freed up from old ‘stuff’ with new intentions and visions. Butterfly emerges! * There will be time for sharing and integration at the end. ~ ~ Let Go & Lighten Up ~ ~ (photo from steven green photography)

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