22 May
 Camp Sandusky: Camping and cabins near Cedar Point
 3518 Tiffin Ave - 44870 - Sandusky - United States
 Larissa Papas
EI is going to go rough it out in the wild and face their fears with deathly drops! OR we're going camping at Camp Sandusky (http://www.campsandusky.com/cabins.html) and Cedar Point (https://www.cedarpoint.com/tickets). We will be leaving from the University of Akron on Friday May 22nd after classes (time TBA) to head to Camp Sandusky. The intention is to stay in cabins, unless someone super wants to rough it and has a tent/ knows how to put it up. May 23rd we will visit our sisters working at Cedar Point! We will also be staying this night at Camp Sandusky. We will head home on the 24th so that everyone can enjoy the 25th, Memorial Day, with their Families.

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