Discussion of the 2012 report, "Operation Ghetto Storm: Every 28 Hours."

 20 May
 1327 East 4th Street Long Beach, CA (upstairs from Hole Mole)
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 Michael Brown
The Atlanta-based Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, compiled and released a groundbreaking report in 2012 detailing that a Black person was killed every 28 hours by a cop, private security guard or George Zimmerman-style vigilante. Despite being ignored by the corporate press, the report has resonated with organizers, activists and families fighting state-sanctioned cop terror since its release. At this meeting, we'll be discussing what the undeniable raw data means, why the state requires armed, brute force, and what this report means in the context of recent uprisings in both Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland--both triggered by racist cop-on-civilian killings. (This discussion is being facilitated by the Long Beach Radical Reading and Politics group.)

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