Disconnected Flow with Nick Minton in New Haven, CT!

 18 May
 Edgewood Park Historic District
  - 06511 - New Haven - United States
 Nick Minton
Suggested Donation: $20 This workshop will focus on the idea of letting go of the hoop, while still having intention and control of the hoop as it is free to also do it's own thing. We will discuss the concept of "flow" together and ways to feel more natural with the idea of it and how to "create" your own flow. We will explore several genres of tricks: Walk-The-Dog, Tosses, and Contact Body Rolls will be the primary focus. We will work through fundamentals of these moves for beginners, and into advanced concepts and tricks and applying them to transitions and combos. If time allows, we will work a bit on Wedgies, Escalators, Helicopters, Coin Spins/Folding, (or anything else people are interested in learning that involves "disconnected flow") with many variations and ways to transition from them.

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