DIEGO RIEMER & NATALIA RIVE @ EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival *** Workshops & Shows

 22 May
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 Sven Elze
DIEGO RIEMER & NATALIA RIVE- Schedule @ EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival 2015 We are very happy to present Diego "El Pajaro" Riemer and Natalia Cristobal Rive during the EMBRACE Berlin TangoCommunityFestival 2015. They will teach a variety of highclass-workshops with strong focus on both refined musicality and proper technique in the couple and dance a Show on saturday. Diego will display his knowledge of Tango Music in his DJ-Gig on friday at the EMBRACE-Milonga @ Walzer Linksgestrickt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYQGeG-QVYU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWf_iZ8gT6M Friday 22.5.: 22:00 - 04:00: DJ Diego Riemer @ Walzer Linksgestrickt www.facebook.com/events/653381764791601 Saturday 23.5. WS @ Freudenzimmer 14:30 - 16:00: WS 1: Vals : Musicality and combinations of turns (Int.) 16:30 - 18:00: WS 2: Tango salon: technique for turns with lapiz, enrosque and desenrosque (Adv.) around 00:00: SHOW Diego Riemer & Natalia Rive @ Tangonacht www.facebook.com/events/1381164028870928 Sunday 24.5. WS @ Villa Kreuzberg 16:00 - 17:30: WS 3: Tango : Circularity, dissociation, pivot and spiral (Int.) 18:00 - 19:30: WS 4: Milonga: accentuation with traspié and combinations of rhythm (Adv.) Prices: each workshops cost 27€, all 4WS for 100€. Please register for your classes (preferably with a partner) and pay cash onsite. Registration for the classes: riemer.rive.anmeldung@gmail.com WS-Locations: - Freudenzimmer, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin, 1st backyard, right door, 2nd floor - Villa Kreuzberg @ Tomasa, Kreuzbergstraße 62, 10965 Berlin For the evening events pay at the door, no pre-registration needed. ---------------------------------------------------------------- DIEGO EL PAJARO RIEMER AND NATALIA CRISTOBAL RIVE Diego "El Pajaro" Riemer, multifaceted artist in dance, music, design and advertising, begins the tango in Buenos Aires, his hometown where he takes form with Maestro Tito Molinari and learn from the "old" dancers and milonga. Afterwards gave perfection to his skills with various professional dancers during the '90s. Later off to Europe and settled first in Berlin and then in Lyon where as an autodidact develops his successful international career, becoming a reference and inspirer to many dancers, particularly for his creativity and musicality in tango, for his way of dancing milonga and by humor and debauchery applied to his choreography. As a former drummer, explores the rhythms of tango, vals and milonga in a very particular way. Owner of a unique and original musical expression in his dancing and improviser for excellence, is internationally recognized and sought for his exploration of the traspié, walks and turns with enrosques and lapices and tango "apache", or the woman behind the man. Besides its elaborate technique and its pedagogy for transmitting Tango and his culture. Natalia embodies the current tango dancer, playful, skillful and precise legs to decorate the movement in music, using these elements to interpret and enrich the guidance on time and rhythm. She is part of "the new generation of Porteñas" who have inherited the traditional embrace, closed, adding the evolution of recent years. Since childhood, Natalia practiced ballet, later contemporary, modern jazz , salsa, flamenco and other Latin dances. Finally came the passion for tango which she is practicing now for over 15 years. She has got a long teaching experience acquired in all this years performing on stage and dancing in the milongas. She has been part of various international companies as a dancer, also in the most prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires, show performances at festivals and milongas. Because of her experience she was called upon to participate twice as jury of the Tango international World Championship. In her dance she favors elegance in Salón style and in the Stage a more spectacular Tango, thanks to her great technical qualities.

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